Do you struggle to find your next favorite book?

The struggle is real, but I may have something to help you. I’d like to invite you to a Facebook event that is made for bookworms.

The Readers’ Choice Book Party is set for Dec 26th – Jan 1st. There will be daily games with a chance to pick your prize from author donations. However, the main point is for readers to share what they want to read.

  1. You can specify your genre (urban fantasy, historical romance, horror, etc).
  2. You can list your favorite authors to share your book tastes.
  3. Have a price point? Note your limits in your reader post.
  4. Prefer paperbacks instead of ebooks? Let the authors know.
  5. You can even list things you wish to avoid (love triangles, violence, sex).
  6. Maybe you have new obsessions with trolls, historical drama, dystopian worlds, or aliens? Definitely share the details of your wish list.

Here’s an example that just might become my own reader post:

ISO #paranormalromance M/F standalones or series similar to Kristen Painter. More fluff than angst, no love triangles or reverse harem, but any steam level is okay if it fits the plot. I love the action adventure of urban fantasy, but I need a happy ending. Do you have something magical to tempt me? US Kindle ebook links please – prices up to $4.99.

Once my reader post goes up, authors can then reply with books that meet my requests!

An author friend, Rose Montague, started this holiday event as the 12 Days of Bookmas. I was fortunate enough to participate as an author and reader for the last two years. It was such fun and an incredible success for me that I wanted to continue the spirit of the event. Rose has supported the effort which makes me giddy!

2020 has certainly been a traumatic and divisive year. Books, however, can bring us together and allow a bit of an escape. This event was created to celebrate that…to celebrate all things bookish! There will be polls, memes, discussions, and games. There will be authors and readers making new friends!

Here’s the link: Readers’ Choice Book Party!

Check out the Pinned Announcement for all the details and thread links. Be sure to mark that you are going so you receive posting Notifications. Please feel free to invite all of your bookworm and author friends – this is definitely a ‘the more the merrier’ type of situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t be shy about contacting me!

Until the party, happy holidays and happy reading to all!


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