It’s a #RahkiWorld and we’re all in it together!

This is the page where I’ll post ‘real world’ information with a Rahki edge, of course!  Let’s get started with animal charities!

There are a lot of wonderful animal and even nature organizations to support, and I strongly encourage all to volunteer locally.  However, there are a few charities I’ve visited, support, and want to share!  I will update this page with additional charities and ways to make an impact.  If you have an organization or idea to show support, please contact me.

  1. Big Cat Rescue (Tampa, FL) – A tour of this organization gave me the photo below.  They rescue cats being kept as pets, used at roadside zoos, etc.  You can check out their website to get involved with their efforts to create national legislation to protect these beautiful animals.
  2. Deaf Dogs Rock (Salem, VA) – Not all animals are treated equally in shelters.  Not only are black cats less likely to be adopted but also deaf dogs.  This charity shares adoption opportunities, training videos, and more.
  3. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (Anchorage, AK) – I also toured this center and came away with new information and great pictures.  As with other charities, you can donate to specific animals and get a gift bag to share with others.Mountain lion