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My  name is Rennie St. James, and I am a writer!  It sounds like a confession and it is.  However, I know I'm not alone in this crazy writing community, and I'm proud to be part of it.  The first book in my contemporary fantasy adventure series (the Rahki Chronicles) will be released September 2018. So, what…

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes [Double #CoverReveal and #Giveaway] I have just posted the public reveal for the next two covers in my urban fantasy series - you can check out my author Facebook page for a chance to win ebook copies of all three books! Below though are the gorgeous results from the efforts of Braelynn…

Book review: Eve of Eridu

A quiet rebellion: All about Eve of Eridu Have you read the book about the girl in the future? You know the one – she’s special, the government is corrupt, and she leads a rebellion? I bet this sounds familiar, right? Dystopian YA novels have been the thing for several years now. However, Eve of…

Azimuth (The Rahki Chronicles Book 1), Rennie St. James

Always excited whenever someone reads and enjoys one of my books! This particular one is quite well written too! Book bloggers are awesome! 😁

Printed Pages and Coffee

Hello hello, dear readers!

What have we here? Another timely review?! I know, I know. I surprise even myself. Actually, though. I do.

Azimuth is the first book in an urban fantasy series called The Rahki Chronicles. The author, Rennie St. James contacted me to see if I would be interested in reading the first book (re-released in September 2018) and the blurb was so intriguing I agreed: Rennie has been very patient with me as I do battle with deadlines and other reviews! At last, finally, I was able to start the book earlier this week and I gotta say, it was a good read!

While I would call this urban fantasy, it is unlike other books I’ve read in that genre in that it isn’t immediately, in-your-face apparent where exactly the supernatural bits of the book are. There is a really good use of allusion and inference…

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