Do you need help buying for the readers on your list? Maybe you want to give a few hints on what others can do for you? Hopefully, this list will help!

I shared it first in my Rahki Rambles newsletter so check out my website if you’d like to subscribe. As an indie author of urban fantasy (and future paranormal romance releases), I ramble about all my favorite bookish things. This includes animals, travel, chocolate, and martial arts to name just a few. For now though, let’s get back to the gift list!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Bookdragons

1. Totes – Very handy to carry our Covid needs and there are bookish options. Because readers are really rebels who can change the world, I love the banned book totes! Another favorite? Pride & Prejudice quotes! You can order from Amazon, but there are other options available too.

2. Bookish artwork from Etsy – I do have a Harry Potter print, but the image/ link below is one by Hunxfrey. Search your reader’s fandom and see what’s available as there are a lot of great options.

3. Reading nook accessories: While every reader is different, these staples certainly won’t hurt. Get your reader a warm blanket, coffee cup, favorite drink, and candle. There are many ways to personalize these, and again, I’d recommend Etsy. Another fun thing to include – pens and notepads. Your reader may also be an aspiring author who needs to record those new ideas!

4. Reading day accessories: It’s not just about setting, your reader needs to be comfortable too. These can be bookish or simply comfortable, but pajamas and fuzzy socks are always on my list. Of course, I also include chocolate on my list!

5. Adopt a shifter – Okay, this is actually the WWF adoptions, but it’s still a great idea if your reader is animal friendly. There are wolves and big cats, but there are some more unusual species to meet your specific needs. Your reader will even get a stuffed animal buddy!

Photo by Steve on

6. Gift cards: Yes, we all know about Amazon and B&N, but don’t forget about your local indie bookstores. You can even make a day out of it and join your reader in their shopping.

7. Time/ travel: No, I don’t know where the Harry Potter time turner is sold, but stay with me. Give the gift of time with you in the form of a bookish trip. Can you take a road trip like the boys on Supernatural? Is a favorite book city set nearby? Check out your reader’s bookshelves, listen to their book rambles, and put in a little time to see if there’s something nearby you can do. Maybe you can just get them out of the house for a picnic and a chance to read outdoors.

8. Author signed books: If you know or can find out your reader’s favorite author, see if they offer signed books. That’s a great addition on any book lover’s shelf. The authors may also offer swag which is always a nice bonus.

9. Funny reader tee shirts: If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we all need more tee shirts and yoga pants! There are certainly a lot of fandom and bookworm specific shirts available to suit your particular reader.

10. Charity: Have you checked out The Literacy Site? You can click daily to make a difference for several charities, but you can also make purchases to increase your impact. The scarves, socks, ornaments, etc aren’t just for readers but also animal lovers. Your reader gets to give back to literacy charities and get a great gift!

Don’t forget to let your reader know the gifts are to celebrate their love of books! Knowing your theme may make them appreciate the gesture even more.

Have more suggestions? Definitely let me know – I plan to do a list each year and would love to include your ideas!

Until next time, enjoy the holiday season!


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