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You’ll find some free posts in the Reading Room (short stories, flash fiction, and even poems) below.  This is also the place to find links to purchase all available books.

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I’ve fallen in love with writing drabbles and short flash fiction pieces.  Most of those have been accepted into anthologies; however, not everything makes it in.  Below is one such example.  You’ll also find links below to some additional freebies to read.  These are unrelated to the #RahkiWorld but hopefully still fun.

Creature Recipe

By: Rennie St. James


A dark wizard was driven to wrest control of the magical forest from his brother. Under the cloak of a moonless night, he added each ghastly ingredient with deadly intention.

“The head of a gnome for a surly disposition.”

Thunder rolled as a distant storm approached.

“Elf ears and fairy eyes for heightened senses, light feet, and quick hands.”

A crack of lightning split a large tree standing atop the hill.

“Horns of jackalope to draw blood in battle.”

The cauldron shuddered as the fire popped and the potion boiled. He stirred it with a griffin’s feather stolen from a defeated foe. With his final incantation, he added his own blood to bring the creature to life and bind it to him in eternal service.

The small spark of magic nearby was hidden by the haze of greed in the wizard’s eyes. The blinded fairy called upon the lifeblood of the ancient forest to thwart the evil plot with the last breath in her body.

A shower of sparks upended the cauldron. Smoke curled and twisted as the potion bubbled and brought forth new life. With a wet plop, the new creation took its first stuttering breath.

Slack-jawed, the wizard stared at the beast before him. It was the last thing he saw before his brother’s spell pierced his dark heart.

The creature released a whimpering mewl but then smiled as it flew on fairies’ wings through the beams of sunrise to the good wizard’s castle. With light feet, it scampered across the floor to the king’s baby daughter. She wrapped chubby arms around it with a giggle, squeezed tightly, and called him George.

Bound together in blood and magic, the princess and George would grow up to rule the magical forest for centuries in peace and love.

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