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Welcome – this is my little reading nook that I’d like to share with you!  You’ll find some free posts in the Reading Room below (short stories, flash fiction, and even poems).  This is also the place to find links to purchase all the books!

So, what’s next?  Replenish your chocolate/ caffeine supply and get comfortable as you try a few new reads!

◊The Rahki Chronicles◊

*The #RahkiWorld adventure began on September 25, 2018 with the release of Azimuth. Coppe, Lamassu, Nadya’s World and Mercury are now available for binge reading!  Check out the extras on this site then order your copies from your favorite book vendor here


Some epic journeys start with a stumble…Mia Rayner’s did anyway. Normal had once been a 9-5 job, her own apartment, and binge watching television. Now, her life revolves around Gypsy magic, martial arts, and a mountain lion. Ancient prophecies may claim she and Nadya are meant to change the world. However, Mia is just trying to protect the young gifted orphan from the next attempt on her life.

Click here for an introduction into the #RahkiWorld!

◊Atlantic Island Universe◊

The exciting conclusion of my Atlantic Island: Guardian trilogy will be released October 2020. What are you willing to sacrifice to save the world?


An FBI investigation and an ancient Mayan curse? Scout Ainsley’s life just went from bad to worse and he hasn’t even graduated high school yet.

If you want to see if you can help Scout – take this fun QUIZ (only 10 questions) to claim a Mayan artifact for yourself!

Then check out all 3 books in Kindle Unlimited by clicking here!


Do you like time travel? How about action and adventure? It is TIME for you to join the Atlantic Island Universe.  This anthology of short stories serves as an introduction to all of the independent series releasing in 2020 with multiple authors; however, you can also just jump right in with Jaguar Warrior! The anthology is available for FREE on Amazon! and Barnes & Noble!

AI cover

Want to know how it started? You need to read Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Trilogy! These novels are being re-released as part of the Atlantic Island Universe and there are even more books in this world. As a special treat, enjoy the trailer below!



I’ve been fortunate to have stories included in a variety of multi-author anthologies released in 2019. Worlds was the very first one released!  The full list of available anthologies follow.

Worlds: A Science Fiction Microfiction Anthology (Dark Drabbles #1)
Get this bestseller now!

Worlds Drabble promo - RSJ

Stories of new worlds, new creatures, alien colonisation, humanity’s new home, space accidents, alien snackidents, evil planets, military mashups, alien autopsies, and much, much more.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.

Additional Anthologies:

  1. Angels: Dark Drabbles #2 (Black Hare Press)
  2. Curses & Cauldrons (Blood Song Books)
  3. Magic for Beginners (charity) (Fantasia Divinity)
  4. Monsters: Dark Drabbles #3 (Black Hare Press)
  5. Beyond: Dark Drabbles #4 (Black Hare Press)
  6. Winds of Despair: Elemental Drabbles Vol 1 (Fantasia Divinity)
  7. Unravel: Dark Drabbles #5 (Black Hare Press)
  8. Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles #6 (Black Hare Press)
  9. Waters of Destruction: Elemental Drabbles Vol 2 (Fantasia Divinity)
  10. Rejected (charity anthology)
  11. Divinity (Iron Faerie Publishing)


I’ve fallen in love with writing drabbles and short flash fiction pieces.  Most of those have been accepted into anthologies; however, not everything makes it in.  Below is one such example.  You’ll also find links below to some additional freebies to read.  These are unrelated to the #RahkiWorld but hopefully still fun.

Kitten Sun Tzu (poem)

Priorities (flash fiction/ short story)

Yielding to love (drabble)