Check out this BookLife list for fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure reads from indie authors! Also, I was able to create my own list for Best Fantasy Books with Characters You’ll Love to Love – check it out HERE!

Kindle Vella is live and Amazon is giving away 200 free tokens to start your reading on this new app! If you read on Wattpad or Radish, this might be a good fit. If you’re unfamiliar with either, Vella stories will be serialized original fiction (each episode is 600 – 5k words) and should be frequently updated. I have several stories up – one in the Rahki world and the others are set in an upcoming shared world of witches, shifters, and magic. The Vella stories are paranormal romance, but the series will be more urban fantasy. Currently, you can read the first 3 episodes of stories for FREE! The link to my releases is below so start reading!

Check out Vella HERE!

The Rahki Chronicles will come to an end this summer with one last road trip for Mia! This fall, a new adventure series will begin…

You can find copies of all of The Rahki Chronicles here. Books 1-5 are out now, the digital boxed set of books 1-3 is free in Kindle Unlimited.

Rahki Chronicles reading order: Azimuth, Coppe, Lamassu, Nadya’s World (Book 3.5), Mercury, Yen, and Zanshin.

Following the Rahki Chronicles, we’ll leap forward in time to a magical dystopian future. There are witches, shifters, romance, adventures, and even a few surprises; however, you’ll also find links to the Rahki world. Related stories are available on Kindle’s new Vella app now. The first book will be available in the fall/ winter of 2022. If you want a sneak peek, use the Contact button to request an ARC!

My Atlantic Island: Guardian trilogy is complete! Are you ready to make a sacrifice to join Scout in the search for Mayan artifacts? Click here to start your journey with Jaguar Warrior (all 3 books are available in Kindle Unlimited).

I know we are probably all ready for a ‘normal’ summer, but with gas prices so high, getting away may be difficult. Books (buying, reading, and talking about them) are an escape for me. If that works for you, I have a suggestion or two!

  1. Facebook Groups! If you’re a fan of fantasy/ sci-fi, I’d like to recommend the private Facebook group, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Readers. It’s a small group, but there are weekly polls, games, & discussions. You just might find a new favorite book or author!

  2. Interviews!  Two fellow authors (Christina Consolino and Elwynn Autumn) have interviewed me and you can find those posts here and here. You can also check my blog for my interview by My Books – My World! And now, you can join me in author Phoebe Darqueling’s World-building Showcase series! Author interviews are a great way to find new books!