Rahki Travel Tips #2: Traveling is a skill!

If the first word, Rahki, has confused you, don’t worry! It’s my made-up word for modern warrior Tribes. Don’t look at me like that. I’m a writer and it’s perfectly acceptable to writers to invent new words (Shakespeare did it)! I should also confirm that as this is Rahki Travel Tips #2 there was a Rahki Travel Tips #1! I know, you probably didn’t see that plot twist coming, but there you go! I’ve rambled about traveling quite a bit and will post those links at the end of this blog.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s jump right into discussing one my favorite subjects – TRAVEL!

I’ve been fortunate to travel over the last decade. Some trips have been for work and were only for a couple of days (I did stay in Rochester, NY for approximately 6 weeks though)! Vacation trips have also been a dream come true for me. I’ve taken cruises around Europe and Alaska and stayed in resorts in Utah, Florida, and Colorado to name a few. My most recent vacation was a return trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico – I post pics on FB and Instagram if you like such things!

Travel has been a learning experience in so many ways!! It also serves to inspire my writing with new cities, myths, and even food! While I love it and encourage all to travel whenever possible, it can also be an aggravating experience that has caused more than one headache.

Traveling is a skill!

I’m defining ‘traveling’ to encompass all aspects from picking your destination and packing to having a great time and returning home rejuvenated. If you’re new to travel, it may take some time to find a routine that works for you and yours. Balancing each person’s needs and preferences requires compromise and organization. However, as much as I love planning, I think it takes some flexibility to enjoy travel. It may not live up to your expectations of a dream vacation (see the ‘Be in the moment’ tip below). If you aren’t new to travel, you already know even the best-laid plans can be destroyed! Cars break down, storms crash picnics, flights are delayed, etc, etc. Travelers are advised to ‘pack your patience’ for a reason!

Tips for patience and flexibility are somewhat vague though so I have a few more specific tips to share! As we are considering traveling a skill then that means we’ll get better with experience! It also means we can learn from one another. Hopefully, my tips may allow someone to avoid the mistakes I’ve made!

  1. Tips – It seems we always underestimate the number of people we need to tip while traveling. My suggestion is that you roll up tips in $2, $3, and $5 increments and have them within easy reach. You can either put a mark on the outside or use different colored rubber bands to differentiate between them. When moving through airports and resorts, you don’t want to fumble around or forget to show appreciation for assistance.
  2. Be in the moment – Resist the urge to compare your vacation life to your normal life…for better or worse. You may be enjoying a temporary boost to a more luxurious lifestyle or perhaps a simpler adventure has you longing for a favorite food or drink. Comparisons never make the situation better! Find something new each day to appreciate while on vacation. When you return home, continue the tradition and appreciate your daily life too!
  3. Family time – Yes, vacations are a great time to create new and different family memories. However, do remember everyone may need time alone. Don’t be afraid to do a couple separate individual events. I’m a morning person and that’s my time to exercise alone. Here are some pictures I shared of the little pier in Mexico that served as my personal yoga studio each morning.
  4. Stretching and hydration – Yes, we often splurge on food and drink while on vacation and we often sleep in. We may also be sleeping in strange positions (if you’ve ever had to sleep on a plane or in an airport you understand this) and lugging heavy bags. You may be sore which can lead to irritability…at least it does for me. Skip the soda and down some extra water. Do some simple stretching exercises each day. Just rolling your head and shoulders can help. Please don’t overdo your workout as you don’t need additional pain or an injury while on vacation. If you can stretch the week before and drink additional water, you’ll be better prepared to carry that through your vacation.
  5. U.S. Customs – This tip is just for international travel. When you travel internationally, you’ll have to pick up your checked bags and re-check them when you return to the US (regardless of which airport you enter). This isn’t a big deal though so don’t panic. It is part of the Customs process when returning. You’ll also find each country has specific Customs procedures. As I noted in Rahki Travel Tips #1, check the US State Department for additional information. You’ll also just have to listen to your flight attendants as they provide Customs forms for entering other countries and returning to the U.S.

I can’t resist sharing a few pictures of my Mexican yoga studio at sunrise to support the stretching and hydration suggestion!

So, this brings the Rahki Travel Tips #2 to an end, my wandering friends! As promised, below are the links to my earlier travel blog posts. If you have questions or suggestions for tips, please feel free to comment below or contact me.

Rahki Travel Tips #1

Living like a storybook heroine

If you want to see more travel pictures, follow me on Instagram and/ or Facebook! Only a few pictures are duplicated so you’ll get different content more times than not. I also have some earlier travel pictures on my website in the Extras Section.

As I mentioned, travel inspires my writing and many cities appear in my Rahki Chronicles.  I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my urban fantasy series at your favorite bookseller or library. Details are below for easy reference and Mercury (Book 4) releases today, Sept 24, 2019!

Mercury front cover

Storms, death, and destruction have followed Mia Rayner her entire life.  Now, she is caught between embracing her destiny and changing her fate.

Nadya was the one to bring hope and love into Mia’s life.  However, the raging storms surrounding them threaten the survival of the child and the unity of their clan.  Enemies and allies alike push Mia to the breaking point in a dangerous struggle for power.  She must stand alone to decide how far she will go to protect those she loves.

Could a single choice mean life for some and death for others?

Gods and monsters will clash as Mia chooses her path and accepts the truth.

Join the Rahki world!

Don’t be shy about contacting me – I’d love to hear your travel tips or even chat about books, cats, and chocolate!

Happy and safe travels, my friends!


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