Lazy man’s charity

Ever made a resolution to be a better person? Have you Googled how to make a difference in the world?

I’d like to believe we all want to change the world and make it a better place. Additionally, I’d like to believe we all want to be better people, maybe even the best versions of ourselves. New Year’s resolutions often include a ‘new year, new me’ approach. Being a better person typically equates to becoming a healthier person and/ or a better world citizen. However, doing all the right things is hard work so many of us give up after a week or so (if we even make it that far).

This post will share some ways to do good with less effort on your part! Interested??

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I’ve trained in aikido for years, and we often refer to it as ‘the lazy man’s art’. On the mats, we aren’t counting on brute strength. We try to work smarter (use angles and attacker’s energy for example), not harder. I thought that philosophy might work well for charitable endeavors.

I do want to point out that even a little effort can bring about big changes. This is true on the aikido mats and off. Imagine a pebble thrown into the water. Those waves ripple out much further than the original stone. This means even lazy man’s charity can have a big impact on us and the world around us.

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Remember, we are tossing small pebbles in the water and not trying to roll a huge boulder around. My advice is that you don’t try all of these suggestions all at once. See what fits in with your lifestyle and make that small change. If it feels good and works, maybe you can throw another small pebble into the pond later…then another and another.

Small pebble suggestions:

  1. Gym rats: Look for apps that pay charities for your miles so you can log in and keep running. Charity Miles is a great one!
  2. Thrifty shoppers: Your favorite grocery store/ club card may allow you to pick a charity to get paid every time you shop.
  3. Amazon shoppers: Switch over to and pick a charity then keep shopping. Additionally, you’ll also find many charities have wish lists on the site. You won’t have to lug contributions across, you just point, click, and feel good!
  4. Gifts for kids: Check out WWF to send a gift bag to a kid (it includes educational materials and a cute plush toy).
  5. Recyclers: Yes, you can recycle newspapers, but your local animal shelter may need them to line cages. Instead of dumping them in the recycle bin, make a monthly trip to help animals.
  6. Vacations: Try to add a national park or animal rescue stop into your vacation. You can learn and give back while making great memories with your family!
  7. Knitters: Some animal charities also accept handmade blankets for the animals. Keep those fingers nimble and make a furry friend’s day.
  8. Tee shirts: Spread the word of your favorite charity by sporting their gear. I typically travel wearing a Deaf Dogs Rock shirt and have received numerous questions about the charity.
  9. Internet users (which means all of us): When you’re looking for a distraction online, free daily clicks at The Hunger Site help several charities and you can shop for cool gifts too.
  10. Bookworms: When looking for new reads, search for charity anthologies. You can give back without leaving the comfort of your personal library. [I’m in my first charity anthology and it comes out August 15, 2019. Proceeds benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The collection’s theme is the first time magical use by kids. My story is No Fireballs at the Kids’ Table. I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s the Amazon link as preorders are available!]

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None of these require a vow of poverty or even a big change in your life. Once you are set up, your daily life continues pretty much unchanged. However, you’ll know there’s a difference. You’ll know your actions are changing the world…and this changes you…which makes an even bigger change in the world.

I know, we are all starting with small pebbles. In this case though, an avalanche of small pebbles would be pretty amazing.

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Clearly, pebbles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What I’ve suggested may not work for you or you may even want more small pebbles. Here are additional suggestions from – Contribute to charities while browsing the web. – exercise your brain and each correct answer donates rice. – Trying out meditation on your path to enlightenment and improvement? Use this site and give rice to help fight hunger.

Forest – A virtual tree will help you manage your time and focus and real trees are being planted too. (app does cost $1.99)

So, what are you waiting for? Stick to your routine and still throw a few pebbles in the pond to bring about some amazing waves of change!

Do you have your own lazy man’s charity tasks? Share them here so we can all learn and be good and lazy together!


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