I’m very excited to share my guest post on the Dark Lord Journal blog with you.  First though, if you don’t follow the blog, you should!  Second, you can check the Dark Lord out on Twitter too (@darklordjournal)!

My post is titled The Gray Light of Villainy 101 – Relationships, and you can find it here.  To share a bit more on the subject, I must admit that I love villains!  There can be such complexity in darker characters which is lacking in the good guys sometimes.  This is a subject I’ve only started delving into over the last year or so as I’ve progressed in my fantasy series.  I won’t share book spoilers, but the Rahki Chronicles do have a couple different villains who you may or may not cheer for at various points.

I will share one blog spoiler – hopefully, I’ll be doing another guest post for the Dark Lord Journal next month.  I’ll keep the focus on the Gray Light of Villainy, but please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or prompts for inclusion in my next guest post.

Thanks and have a dastardly good day, my friends!

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