Have you heard the quote that a writer isn’t a single person, but many people in one body/ mind? That could explain why I’m somewhat neurotic about sharing my writing (please, please read my book…um, no, don’t even look at my book…yes, I am a writer…no, I’m not the writer you are looking for, move along). However, all of me is united on this beautiful cover – I am absolutely giddy to share it!

Azimuth print

Mary Hastings of Hastings Design Corp truly gave me a cover worth more than a thousand words (more like 80k words actually)! The young lady on the cover is an aspiring local model/ dancer and beautifully portrayed the character of Nadya here and on future covers. I am completely in love with their work! I can also report that the covers for Books 2-3 are equally stunning!

I have posted the reveal on my FB author page and Twitter with contests (feel free to check those out). However, I want to share something special and different here on my blog. Can you read the street name? It’s Second Street and was quite intentionally selected. One, I’m a huge fan of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, and he made the revelation that Second Street is the most popular street name during a road trip trivia game. My second reason is much more personal and serious. This is my second attempt at publishing (check out my Failure blog for more info on the first attempts). I toyed with many symbolic names for the street as part of the characters’ journey but, ultimately, decided to honor where I’m at on my own journey.

         BTW, if you want more insider scoops like this, visit my website and sign-up for my newsletter, Rahki Rambles! Did you like how I worked that in?!!? 😉

Back on topic though, there’s a bit more symbolism in the cover. However, I’ll leave that for you to find, dear reader! You can find a sneak peek at Azimuth if you visit the Library page of my website. There’s also preorder information available there. If you’d like an extra entry in the FB and Twitter contests, just add the word “Second Street” to your FB post or RT!

And finally, I’m curious to see how other writers slip in personal Easter eggs into their covers or books. If you don’t write, what is your favorite way to celebrate your own personal progress? It seems chocolate and/ or alcohol often factor into my celebrations, but I’m open to new suggestions!

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