The Magic 8 ball was one of my favorite toys as a child and as an adult. What could be better than getting immediate answers to life’s tough questions? Does Johnny/ Janie love me? Should I take that new job? Will the trip be fun? While I don’t advise anyone to live their life by the Magic 8 ball, I do believe in signs.*

*Side note – this particular post isn’t concerned with Who gives the signs.

It could be a timely advertisement for a tourist destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Perhaps, a co-worker mentions a friend getting a new position thus leaving an opening for you. You might even stumble over old dreams while looking for a pen in the junk drawer. Are these signs?

I like to think so. Even writing this post included a sign. Have you ever played this game – if blank is true then I’ll do blank? In this case, if my Kindle keyboard is still in my luggage then I’ll jot down these random late night thoughts so I don’t forget them. Thus, this blog post was born.**

**Side note 2 – I’ve never believed that signs mean you don’t have to put in the work to make things happen. Don’t forget the old adage ‘anything worth having is worth fighting for’.

Here’s a bigger example of signs from my personal life. I’ve been writing regularly for five years – fanfic, short stories, novellas, and novels of various genres. I had an uneventful past experience with self-publishing and publishing with a small press. My books weren’t ready – I wasn’t ready [see this Blog if you want to know more]. I ranted and raved about the misfortune, but I also researched and revised. However, actually re-releasing the books in their new forms was a final step I couldn’t seem to take. I couldn’t let go of the fear of failure and move on.

Then, I received a sign.

The moon plays a big role in my fantasy series, The Rahki Chronicles. In particular, the Harvest Moon is important in Books 1-2. The Harvest Moon falls on September 25th this year. September 25th was my parents’ anniversary – we lost Dad years before I started writing and I always wonder what he would’ve thought about it. On September 25, 2018, I am releasing Book 1 of The Rahki Chronicles.

What sign are you waiting on? Is this your sign??

4 thoughts on “Is this your sign?

  1. Well, I’m a practicing witch and a believer in magic, so naturally, I believe in signs. I read tarot cards and often seek guidance there, but there are so many other–and often subtle–ways the universe communicates with us. I’m so glad that you didn’t give up but patiently persisted until the time was right for your books. I can’t wait to read them!

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    1. Thank you!
      All jokes of the Magic 8 ball aside, I do believe in living in harmony with nature and the universe. I think that makes it easier to be open to the signs and find your path. You have gained your beliefs as a practicing witch; my insights came courtesy of martial arts. You’ve gotta love how there are so many paths to the same point! 😉
      As for my books, I’m happy to send an electronic ARC your way in July/ August (still working on the final covers).
      Thanks for reading and replying!

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  2. There is so much to be said to being open to the world around you – if you’ve heard of the law of attraction, it’s all about believing you will get something, and you do (of course, as you pointed out, if you also put yourself on the road to receiving it).

    Re your comment above, I think it is very interesting that you saw so much of this in martial arts. I have practiced martial arts for almost 15 years, and have found too often that it leads to a self centered and egotistical outlook. And an awful lot of politics, even though the basics of the art should teach something much deeper. (My favorite line of Karate Kid is when he says that Karate is not about belt color, but what’s in your head and in your heart.)


    1. I have heard of the law of attraction and do agree! I learned it first as reap what you sow! 😀 Again, so many ways to say the same thing and get to the same place!

      As for martial arts, I’ve trained in aikido for over a decade. While I think there’s ego and politics in every human endeavor, I love the gentleness of my art and the spirit of my dojo. Aikido has definitely taught me more awareness of living in the moment. For example, mushin is translated as ‘no mind’. I won’t bore you with the martial arts application! 😁 In life, I’m learning to be open to what’s there instead of over-planning and seeing only my own expectations!

      And I love that line too – it is what’s in your head and heart that matters!

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