My  name is Rennie St. James, and I am a writer!  It sounds like a confession and it is.  However, I know I’m not alone in this crazy writing community, and I’m proud to be part of it.  The first book in my contemporary fantasy adventure series (the Rahki Chronicles) will be released September 2018.

So, what will this blog be about then?

First, let’s clarify one point: it’s pronounced rah’key!  Rahkis are a modern-day warriors with animal spirit guides.  The Tribes are closely linked to Gypsy clans and are spread out throughout the world.  We won’t worry about that just yet though.  The Rahki Chronicles start in Richmond, Virginia, but Boston and NYC are just two of the other settings in Book 1. [What can I say?  I apparently have more than sprinkling of Gypsy wanderlust in my blood and enjoy traveling.]

What does it mean to join the #RahkiWorld?  Being a Rahki is about honor, duty, friendship, the natural world, protecting others, and training to name just a few.  Whether you favor the Snake, Lion, Bear, Eagle, or Wolf Tribe, you’ll find a place here.

Back to answering my original question though – this blog will contain some book series info and other writerly things.  However, as we are embracing the #RahkiWorld, this means I’ll include posts on travel, aikido, yoga, charities, art, mythology, working out, and so much more.  Of course, there will also be references to chocolate, some cute cat pictures, and a little snark.

Joining with #RahkiWorld will be a journey, my friends, and I look forward to sharing it with you!  Always feel free to comment or contact me to chat!



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