January 2019 Newsletter

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Our Rahki Rambles topic this month is TRAVEL. I don’t think it’s by chance that I have Romani (aka Gypsy) characters in my series!  As a child, I always dreamed of traveling and I’ve been fortunate to travel a bit as an adult. I have traveled for work and fun, and my trips inspired the locations for my Rahki series. Below is a list of just some places included in the first three books. I’ve posted pics here and on FB, but I’ve included a few below…and yes, that is Robert Downey, Jr. before Iron Man!

Richmond, VA                            New York City, NY                         Rochester, NY

Pagosa Springs, CO                   San Diego, CA                                  Denver, CO


A simple Google search will provide endless expert advice on packing strategies, travel hot spots, and product ideas. I do have my favorites, but that’s not really what I want to discuss this time. While I must admit I’m not an expert, there are three tips I’d like to share.

  1. Contact the US State Department if you’re going abroad. You can access travel warnings, vaccine requirements, and embassy address by country. You can also register your travel plans with them in case of any emergencies.
  2. Be organized with electronic and paper copies of your travel itinerary and identification documents.  Have I mentioned I’m a bit OCD sometimes? It’s true but also helpful! I always have info packets for myself and for a few others not on the trip. My friends and family packet includes flight info, resort details, and copies of our passports. The packet I carry contains the same info along with copies of any credit cards we take, medication details, car rental, tours, etc. I prepare a daily schedule with details and maintain back-up copies. It may seem dramatic but the organization helps me to stress less while traveling.
  3. Now this is the really fun part – pictures! I’m definitely a picture-taking geek on vacation, but no one ever wants to scroll through hundreds of pictures. I do pick my faves to post on Facebook and my website to share with others. For myself though, I always do 2 things:

I pick two favorites to print. One is always a 5×7 with a border that includes location and year. The second is a 4×6. Both are framed and added to my collection. I have no order for the display but always line up the 2 shots (4x6s are on one side, matching 5x7s are on the other). I also maintain one a blank frame, and this is my personal reminder that there are more places to travel.

I also create a photo flipbook. These are only about 20 pages and include the story of the trip in chronological order. This is typically easy to do as I have already have our travel itinerary. I also add personal notes in a small notebook I always pack. It’s not all about being OCD though! I always include a section of photo mistakes and goofy shots. We have a book for each vacation we’ve taken since 2013. They are fun ways to share the trip with others and serve as great reminders when I select a location to be included in a book!

So, what are your favorite travel tips? Send them my way and I just may include them in a future newsletter!

As already mentioned, I do already have plans for short pieces and guest posts on several #RahkiWorld subjects like military service, art, working out, etc. However, I also want to ask about what you’d like to see. Did The Rahki Chronicles inspire you in some way? What stands out to you as a Rahki subject we should cover? Always feel free to contact me with your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day, my friends!



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