Yes, my new obsession is the CBS show Ghosts. As I’m a writer, I’d like to show my appreciation and enthusiastic support with a piece of flash fiction (613 words to be exact). Please note that I do not own Ghosts and am not profiting by this fun tribute to my new favorite show.

Do be catty
by Rennie St. James

She prowled along the border of the estate as was her right since they had disturbed her rest. Head held high, she ignored the strangers and sought a sunny spot to watch her home. There were many faces she recognized from earlier years though there strangers too. New food scents almost made her mouth water. She paused with half-closed eyes and an open mouth to absorb the new teasing flavors in the air. Following the aroma, she entered the manor and stopped short at the new man in her kitchen.

“Am I alone in here? Hello?”

The small man didn’t look at her any more than he noticed the familiar lady in blue or the soldier. They continued to talk about ‘Sam and Jay’ without the man’s input or her interest. She ignored them in favor of perching by the window – a butterfly fluttered by followed by the dark-haired woman whose scent reminded her of catnip. Swaying slightly, she curled up in a tight ball and closed her eyes.

After the nap, she explored more of the manor. There were many things cluttering her path. Biting back a snarl, she let them have the temporary victory and left the useless junk in place. It took time to find her favorite things boxed in the attic and protected by the sleeping girl. Space would have to be made by the new people if she decided to reclaim her home and it was her home.

She completed her inspection with a trip to the basement…a quick trip. Shuddering delicately, she returned to the main floor. Another new person, a blonde smiling widely, appeared and gestured wildly as she spoke to the big man. Scaring him was a fond memory of hers. For now, she escaped their notice and let them pass.

There was much to be done before her home was worthy again and it was time to begin.

Resolute, she returned to where her bones where hidden in the yard. Some of the others gasped as a bright light shimmered around her. It wasn’t the first time for her, but the power of a new life left her warm and hungry. She scratched at the door and waited to be served by her new humans.

“Hey, Sam. Did the ghosts mention a cat?”

“A cat?”

The smiling woman appeared behind the small man. She rushed by both to charge the big man – he jumped back with satisfying ease.

“Is Thorfinn scared of the little pussy cat?”

The pants-less man stepped back as well when she lifted a paw with claws extended. All but the small man laughed.

“No way. Even the cat can see the ghosts?”

She allowed the woman to pick her up and started purring – it had the intended effect as her new human servant cooed back.

“We have to keep her – the guests will love having a cat around. It’ll be great, Jay.”

Enjoying her first scratches in centuries, she felt affection burst inside her before tapping it down. She swatted at the woman’s hand and issued a plaintive warning.

“You must be hungry. Let’s get you something to eat and then you need a name.”

Once her belly was full, she rewarded both livings by allowed them a few brief strokes along her back. She then led them into her favorite room. Leaping onto the shelf, she immediately knocked off the most offensive trinket. As it shattered against the floor and the soldier gasped, she stared beyond them. They all started to argue; she started to groom her new fur.

Yes, she was home for the third time and she would be catty about it.

I hope this made you smile…and if not, perhaps a cute picture of my black cat, Leila, will!

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