During times of stress and too much reality, I love escaping into books. Fantasy, in particular, brings wonder and adventure into my daily routine. Who doesn’t like spells, potions, and supernatural beings fighting for good (or evil)??! It’s exciting and fun to join those fictional realms as a break from reality. It is Urban Fantasy though that inspires me to look for magic in my own little world…and I think we all need that reminder sometimes! If you haven’t tried mixing magic with our modern world then you certainly need to add UF to your TBR pile, bookworm friends.

The International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors has gathered a bundle of free UF books. Below is the special message from the IASFA welcoming you into the adventure. Once you sign up, you’ll get a secret link to access all the freebies!

Fair warning – this magical invitation expires at midnight on April 17, 2021 so be quick!

Step into spring with Urban Fantasy. From shifters to mages, vampires to Fae, and modern-day sword wielders, we have it all. Do you prefer heroes who protect mankind from demons and mayhem, or powerful dragons obsessed with treasure? Perhaps tales of magical creatures like basilisks and kraken are your thing.  Danger and chaos come calling in these Urban Fantasies.

From April 13th through the 17th, pick up enough free Urban Fantasy novels to satisfy the hungriest of witches and wizards. Grab the stories that will keep you up all night and leave the world behind. 

Available only from the mysterious IASFA. We’ll strengthen the wards to keep evil at bay while you devour stories to titillate and entertain.


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