May 2021 Update: My original post below notes that the primary genres are urban fantasy and paranormal romance. However, my choices are a bit wider and include fantasy adventure, paranormal women’s fiction, and even young adult epic fantasy choices. The goal of Book Chat to discuss popular/ classic works from the reader and writer perspectives remains the same so I hope you’ll join the fun! The original post begins below and I’ve added links to the individual Chat posts too.

Reading is my escape. Writing is a my coping mechanism. 2020 was rough and 2021 isn’t starting off well for most of us. If you are looking for a healthy way to clear your mind and inspire yourself, I’d like to invite you to my 2021 Book Chat!

Every author knows the struggle to read while trying to write/ publish.

Every reader knows the struggle to read the books on our TBR pile instead of buying new books.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is always to read more, and I doubt I’m alone in that one. This is important to me as a bookworm and as a writer. There’s no better way to improve your writing craft than reading. As an indie author trying to wade through the marketing mess, book chats are also a great way to get to know more about my target audience. So yes, this book chat is self-serving; however, I hope you’ll consider joining the fun anyway!

The plan is to post a monthly book chat here. I will also be chatting with fellow readers in my Facebook group Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Readers Group (PRUF). The PNR/ UF genre is what I write and what I love to read and watch (I’ll continue to rewatch Grimm, Supernatural, and the original Charmed). The problem for me as an escapist reader so I turn to comfort books/ shows instead of trying new things.  

Starting a monthly book chat is my attempt to force myself to follow through with my grand plans.

I will be honest and admit I’m already cheating a bit. I read/ reviewed the January book already and posted about it in PRUF. I really like checking things off my To Do List and wanted to start with some momentum. That being said, here’s my schedule:

Jan         Halfway to the Grave: Night Huntress 1 by Jeaniene Frost   

Feb        Making Midlife Magic by Heloise Hull (this is PWF and my first read in this subgenre)

Mar        Chosen: Warrior Chronicles 1 by K.F. Breene

Apr         Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

May       Moon Called: A Mercy Thompson Novel by Patricia Briggs

Jun         PRUF choiceThrone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Jul           Magic Bites: Kate Daniels 1 by Ilona Andrews

Sept       Deadline: Blood Trails Book 1 by Jennifer Blackstream

Oct         Fury of a Phoenix: Nix 1 by Shannon Mayer

Nov        PRUF choice

Dec        Under a Blue Moon: Origin story for Blue Moon Investigations by Steve Higgs

Most of my choices are considered ‘classics’ in the PNR/ UF world so they may be re-reads for you. Again, this is my attempt to enjoy being a reader and learn as a writer. You’ll also notice I left a couple of blanks that we’ll decide later in my FB group what to read if there’s sufficient interest (or I’ll just update with my choice).

The monthly Book Chat posts here will include a bit more than my PRUF posts. I plan to share a bit of those discussions and add some writing tips I gained from each book. My personal strategy is to check the 1 and 2 star reviews to see what readers complain about and work those into my discussions. Obviously, no book will ever please every reader, but I do believe there’s an opportunity to learn and grow from those negative reviews.

Feel free to comment here and/or join the PRUF to participate there! We also have weekly games and polls in that group and most posts are PNR/ UF related. You are welcome to join the fun!

So, who’s up for a 2021 Book Chat??

Book Chat 1: Halfway to the Grave
Book Chat 2: Making Midlife Magic
Book Chat 3: Chosen
Book Chat 4: Six of Crows
Book Chat 5: Moon Called
Book Chat 6: Throne of Glass
Book Chat 7: Magic Bites
Book Chat 8: Deadline
Book Chat Bonus: Hot and Badgered
Book Chat 9: Fury of a Phoenix

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  1. I’ve just signed up, so that I can join your discussions here. I’m not set up to join a Facebook group, but I can add comments and offer reading suggestions in the paranormal and urban fantasy genres.


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