Fact and Fiction?

2020 is definitely a year for the history books – toilet paper shortage, masks are commonplace (even in banks), and revolutions of multiple varieties rage on. It’s difficult to find the truth sometimes…which is yet another reason I love reading fiction.

Novels allow us another way to process reality, challenge our world view, and escape into new places.

If you are looking to expand your reality, keep reading below for a fascinating post by fellow author, Catherine Greenall.

Fact and Fiction

By: Catherine Greenall

When did you first realise that all is not right with this world?

In my case it was in 1996 when the UK was struck by ‘Mad Cow Disease’ or Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE) which later manifested as Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans. There is no cure. Death results in a matter of months. It resulted from unbelievable farming practices that not only permitted the feeding of cardboard and newspaper, but also the ground up remains of sheep and other animals to be fed to cows. Cows are obviously natural herbivores. Where sheep remains were fed to cows, some had the Scrapie disease. Scrapie, BSE and CJD are all caused by prions or misshapen proteins. This shocked me so much that I became vegetarian.

Then came Foot and Mouth disease in 2001, which, although not fatal, resulted in the culling and burning of many herds of cattle whether they were beef or diary. In addition, I learned of all the cruel methods of animal farming that are used. I realised that my conscience would no longer allow me to be part of the system and I became vegan.

At around the same time, genetically modified (GM) food first became available in the UK in the form of tomato puree. GM food is altered by changing, adding or removing DNA. DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is the basic building block of life and consists of a molecule made up from two strands coiling together into a double helix that contains the genetic instructions for how to build a specific organism.  This codes for what colour hair or eyes we might have, what our height is, or whether we are prone to a disease. A gene is a sequence of DNA that controls a specific trait, like hair colour.

Changes to one gene e.g. to improve shelf life, may have unpredictable results in that they can affect another gene which controls something else entirely. These changes or mutations can continue to develop over years. GM food is often sprayed with Glyphosate, a weed killer often sold under the brand name Roundup. The World Health Organisation has said that Glyphosate is ‘probably carcinogenic.’ Billions of dollars in compensation have been paid to US farmers who became ill after using Glyphosate on their GM crops.

Experiments on rats resulted in damaged internal organs, tumours and sometimes death. Fortunately, in the UK GM food must be labelled. However, GM can be fed to animals without labelling, resulting in widespread GM material in the food chain. And Roundup is sold in almost every garden centre – just check the weed killer shelves!

As a chemist and environmentalist, I decided that I would avoid GM food and only buy organic products, which are guaranteed not to contain any GM material.

When I started to think about why the manufacturers, regulators and governments insist that GM food is safe, when all the evidence is to the contrary, I entered a chain of thought which resulted in my writing ‘A Quirk of Destiny’ about a disease that is triggered by GM-fed animal products. This was intended to be a wake-up call.

It results in a worldwide pandemic that decimates the population. Genetic modification is designed to alter the basic building blocks of life, but that this can cause unpredictable genetic changes in the receiving organism. I started to imagine what the effects of genetic modification could be. What could it change in human beings and animals? How would this develop over a period of years?

What level of corruption could there be in our control systems that would deliberately allow this to happen? Who are these monsters and why are they doing it? Is it about money? You might assume so. After all, the agrochemical companies make billions out of selling both GM seeds and the associated pest and weed killers.

What strange mutations of humans or animals might result? What might eventually emerge on Earth and how dangerous would it be?

At what level in society is this known about? Surely a conspiracy of this magnitude could not go unnoticed? It would take the collusion of governments, international, national and local regulators. Wouldn’t it?

How far does the corruption go? It turns out it’s all the way to the top of those who control our lives.

And they aren’t who you think they are.

To find out the answers to these and other questions, read the trilogy A Quirk of Destiny, Return to Gallanvaig and the shocking finale Destiny of Light.

In A Quirk of Destiny, a terrible disease spreads throughout the world and a principled environmentalist must find out if it can be stopped. If he fails, humanity is doomed.

Calum and his friends are government scientists with inside information about the possible cause of the epidemic. Growing disillusioned they gather a band of survivors seeking refuge from mutants with paranormal powers and powerful forces. Who runs the world? It seems it isn’t the governments, but a shadowy group of very wealthy people. What do they want and why?

A Quirk of Destiny is a fast-moving story about what happens when too much power is held by too few people. The first book in an apocalyptic trilogy, it is a chilling look at a world where science is used against rather than for the good of mankind.

Calum and the other survivors must move fast to escape death at the hands of either the mutants or the controlling forces.

Based on real science, A Quirk of Destiny imagines our future if we continue headlong on the current path of toxic food and environmental destruction, combined with political and corporate corruption.

If you like zombie apocalypse, global conspiracy and intelligently written fiction then you’ll love Catherine Greenall’s shocking book.

Acclaim for A Quirk of Destiny
‘.. great romp of a novel, populated by a host of well-drawn characters, and with a gradually emerging, sinister plot twist.’ Brian Page, Editor Mensa Magazine

The Best of the Year 2013.A Quirk of Destiny – another must read book’ Michael Smith, Green Living Review


Don’t have nightmares.

Catherine Greenall

I’ve definitely been having nightmares and these thoughts might give me a few more. However, it is October and the season for such horrors…and October is my favorite time of the year! If you are ready for more, my reader friends, check out additional details and links below for Catherine.

I would also like to share that this re-release of Quirk of Destiny includes the fantastic new cover above.

Until next time, keep reading and stay safe!


Catherine Greenall

After a long career as a government scientist, Catherine Greenall published an apocalyptic trilogy. The first book ‘A Quirk of Destiny,’ was awarded joint best book of 2013 by Green Living. ‘Return to Gallanvaig’ continued the story and the final shocking book is ‘Destiny of Light.’ A Fox Mulder-like scientist from Dublin discovers an evil plot against humanity when GM food causes a worldwide epidemic. Together with other survivors he must fight for truth and survival in a corrupt, post-apocalyptic world.

Catherine is a long-term vegan and environmentalist.

YouTube Trilogy Trailer

Amazon Author Central Page

Quirk of Destiny

Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!





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