Sometimes, we just need a break from the pandemic craziness…so let’s take one with this post! BTW, even without the Covid-19 fears, taking a break is a good thing and should be a regular part of your life! I do love the current trends on social media to share music, movies, and more. Those are such a bright spot in my feed and I want to do the same thing.

This will be positive post sharing some of my favorite things which I am grateful to have in my life!

If you follow any of my social media pages or have read my books, you are already aware of my favorite things. For those not aware, grab some chocolate and get comfortable!

Let’s start with #cloudporn! I didn’t realize how many pictures of clouds I have or that #cloudporn was even a thing. However, once I found it, it changed my life!  🙂  I will admit that I also include sunrise/ sunset pictures here too as colors only seem to make the clouds more beautiful!

Looking at the clouds is a literal reminder to me to look up! Yes, that’s symbolic too as we need to add a positive spin sometimes. We also sometimes need to be reminded to find the beauty in life. Clouds are my reminder to do just that! They also remind me that ‘this too shall pass. Whether it’s a wonderful moment or a terrifying one, it will pass. Breathe, relax, and move!

Another favorite thing – TRAVEL! You can join my Facebook group Rahki Travellers for my personal pictures, favorite quotes, and travel tips. I’ve been fortunate to travel for work and fun. These trips have inspired so many settings in my books – historical ruins, new foods, and different mythology are always fascinating!

Travel isn’t truly an option right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to future trips. It doesn’t mean we can search out new destinations to change our world view. During this time of self-isolation, let’s dream of places to visit when we can come together again. Tourism is a great way to help us all heal after this crisis!

Oh the places we can go!

While I’m all about animals, I am partial to my own furbabies! I’m owned by two tuxedo cats and one all black baby – Darcy, Izzie, and Leila. They certainly brighten my day as I’m spending much more time at home during this crisis.

Have you seen the memes that the quarantine is making us all cats? We stay home, clean often, and run around a little crazy sometimes! It’s really true!

If you have animals then you know they make a house a home. It sounds cheesy, but it is true. If you don’t have animals, consider fostering during this crisis. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers and now is no different.

Of course, I can’t leave out books! I’m both an author and a reader so books are certainly a big part of my life. They provide inspiration and escape during good and bad times. Many authors are reducing prices during this time, and I just finished a quarantine sale. If you missed you on that, just send me a message and I’ll send a digital copy of Azimuth (Rahki Chronicles 1) to you.

Whether you want to learn something or want to run away from your real world, books can be your best friend! Online reader groups are also a great way to make new friends while sitting at home in your pajamas. If you need recommendations, just check on News Section here as I do have a few listed!

Jaguar Warrior cover

What about you, my friends?

What good things do you have in your life?

What are you grateful for?

If you want to post on social media, feel free to tag me or use #RahkiWorld! Remember, you are warriors, my friends! You can share your training joys, yoga tips, travel adventures, pet pictures, and more as part of the #RahkiWorld fun!

Let’s count those blessings and share some goodness with one another! 


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