It was such an honor to participate in Phoebe Darqueling’s World-building Showcase series. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy creating a world for their fictional friends? Writing is truly as close to magic as muggles can get! Whether you are a writer or reader, I hope you’ll check out this series to take a peek at the work behind the magic.

Phoebe Darqueling

Rennie St. James loves to put a fictional spin on her favorite things. Adopted kittens transform into mountain lions. Martial arts training creates powerful modern warriors. Chocolate is delicious and healthy! The Rahki Chronicles, her debut series, has all of these things plus magical Gypsies, travel adventures, and romance.

Welcome Rennie St. James! Before we dive in to the nitty gritty, what is the Rahki Chronicles about?

Normal had once meant an apartment, office job, and friends – Mia Rayner’s new normal includes a mountain lion, martial arts, magic, and murder. Join her in a cross-country adventure as she discovers her warrior heritage and tries to protect a gifted Gypsy orphan from the next attempt on her life.

This is an urban fantasy series with five books out currently – two more will wrap it up in 2021. A boxed set of Books 1-3 is available in Kindle Unlimited.

What are…

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