Behind the scenes

[Double #CoverReveal and #Giveaway]

I have just posted the public reveal for the next two covers in my urban fantasy series – you can check out my author Facebook page for a chance to win ebook copies of all three books! Below though are the gorgeous results from the efforts of Braelynn Gibson (the young cover model) and Mary Hastings of Hastings Design Corp (the graphic designer).

As we always wish to be the case, the beauty here isn’t just skin (or cover) deep. While I’m happy to leave most things up to the reader’s imagination, there are a few things I’d like to share.

First, the background in Coppe is from a dream of Mia’s. I won’t divulge spoilers, but I wanted to reveal the distinction as the background in Azimuth was very grounded and realistic [pictured above]. You’ll quickly note one of issues for several characters in this series is to balance reality versus magic or the supernatural. I love that this cover shares a glimpse of that struggle.

Additionally, dreams in the Rahki Chronicles are extremely important as they are often prophetic (at least for Mia and Nadya). I must even confess that I absolutely love my mind’s nighttime imaginations as I can often fly or have magical powers – mine are apparently not prophetic. This brings me to my next point though. The more personal message for me is the importance of making your dreams come true. No, not the ones where you can fly, but your dreams could seem just as unattainable.  It’s wonderful to get lost in your dreams sometimes; it’s also wonderful to work to make them come true.

I’ll give you time to think about that and move on…

I certainly don’t want to leave out Lamassu, and it does have its own secrets. Notice any difference between this cover and the first two? Hmmm, I don’t think I’ll reveal that one just yet! How about another secret? Much like dreams, the weather and seasons can be quite symbolic in the Rahki world. Both the Romani and Rahki Tribes place great importance in one’s connection to the natural world. That theme comes into play in these covers too. The Azimuth cover was a nighttime scene and Mia is quite literally in the dark about so much. We get a lighter background for Coppe despite the dream connection. For Lamassu though, the beautiful beach shot with Nadya dancing includes storms on the horizon. I think I’ll just leave that one right there!

Part of the magic of writing is setting the scene for your characters and readers to take flight on a personal journey of their own. The journeys starts with the book cover though. I’m very fortunate to have found Brae to bring Nadya to life. I’m also in great hands with Mary as she brings together so many elements to create a work of art.

I hope you take a moment not just to enjoy these covers, but I also hope you’ll take time to consider the image you’re creating in your life.

Are you the one painting your picture of the world?

What struggles are you facing?

Have you made your dreams come true?

Who are the people standing by your side?

Do you have your own secrets to share?

What are the themes in your life?

Feel free to comment with your answers!  😉


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