5 Reasons To Start Reading #UrbanFantasy #TuesdayBookBlog

If you’re a #reader considering urban fantasy, you’ll want to check out this blog! I’m also giddy to report Rosie was kind enough to include my book (Azimuth, Rahki Chronicles #1) on her list of recommended reads!

Rosie Amber

What do you know about urban fantasy?

This is a genre that I’m currently enjoying, but admit that until I started reading it, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant!

Like most categories, fantasy has its share of sub-genres, such as alternate history, dark, fairytale, historical, mythical, magical realism, sword and sorcery, romantic…. and urban.

So what is urban fantasy?  Here’s a definition:

Often set in the real world, with aspects of fantasy such as mythical or paranormal beings co-existing with humans – usually with a metropolitan setting.

Let’s expand on that…

  1. Normality is SO yesterday!

Fictional characters of this genre are often nonconformist.  In urban fantasy, the underdog theme is popular, especially if they can rise up against seemingly unbeatable odds. It’s not just the hero, either; fantasy allows the antagonist to be different too, but he or she usually has an arsenal of ‘magical’ weapons or abilities…

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Welcome to the Rahki World!

Updated May 1, 2019 My  name is Rennie St. James, and I am a writer!  It sounds like a confession and it is.  However, I know I'm not alone in this crazy writing community, and I'm proud to be part of it.  The first book in my  urban fantasy adventure series (the Rahki Chronicles) was released September…

Book Spotlight Review: No Rest for the Wicked

For my first book spotlight, I selected There’s No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling. In fact, I joined her blog tour and very much enjoyed her guest post on writing historical fiction. That post gave me a greater appreciation for the book too. Here’s the official blurb: Other people just think they’re “haunted…

Awareness is exhausting.

I’ve trained in aikido (Japanese martial art) for over a decade. While I’ve yet to gain ninja-like skills, I love that I’m more aware now. Living in the moment may be trendy, but it’s also something I work to do. Instead of always planning and stressing, I try to breathe, move, and relax as I…